Poets & Pitchers

Welcome to Our Team!

Poets & Pitchers is a mixed ultimate frisbee club, with players from multiple high schools, including Walter Johnson, Walt Whitman, and JDS. We are very accepting, and we will take new applicants, regardless of experience. Our games and practices take place the spring, and fall seasons. The tournaments that we play in are primarily organized by the Washington Area Frisbee Club(WAFC). More about dates, timing , and location in the Events section.

COVID-19 Information

As the situation with Covid-19 has progressed, and games and practices have continued, teams have implemented new rules for coaches and players alike to follow. COVID-19 VACCINES ARE MANDATORY FOR ALL PLAYERS AND COACHES. To schedule an appointment for a vaccine or booster, go to vaccines.gov. Masks will follow the CDC, Montgomery Recreation and WAFC guidelines and recommendations. Simple precautions will also be taken, such as not sharing water bottles, and keeping physical distance as much as possible.

About the Sport

Ultimate frisbee is a seven-on-seven team-heavy sport, requiring synergy and understanding among all players to score points. In-game, players use pre-planned formations and tactics to advance the disc up the field in hopes to throw it to a teammate in the end zone to score. Each game is played to twenty-one points, and has a half time whenever a team scores six points, or the game has been in play for twenty-five minutes.

The Walt Whitman team after the Fall Fling tournament

Team Information

Our Team has 4 amazing Coaches, each with their own unique personalities on, and off the field. As previously stated, we will take any new applicants, regardless of experience. This year, we are aiming for about 30-40 players on the team, and the cutoff for new applicants will be decided if necessary.

How to Register

There is a google form linked on the About page, which will also require some money for the following reasons:

  • $100 to provide the coaches with some payment for their hard work/ and to provide the team with equipment

  • $79 to pay the fee to Montgomery County for our league

  • $30-$50 for the jerseys, which will be determined at a later date because of player count/shipping.