Practice/Game Schedule

Practices are held at NIH Fields in Bethesda MD, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Earlier in the year, our practices start later, at around 5:30, and they end at 6:30. Later in the season, as daylight hours decrease, the practices shift to around 3:30 to 4:30. Games are on Sundays, with the start times ranging from 11:00 am, to 2:00 pm. The games are held at North Four Corners Local Park. For both games and practices, it is highly recommended, especially during the warmer months, to bring a sufficient amount of water. Cleats are also recommended, as extra traction on the field is always beneficial. Remember to bring a distinctly light and distinctly dark colored shirt to practices and games to distinguish from another team. Extra discs, cones, agility ladders, etc. are not required, but are all welcome.

The WJ/JDS team at the YULA tournament in Spring 2022

Optional Tournaments

We take part in the Fall Fling, and the playoffs, throughout the season. The Fall Fling, organized by the WAFC, is a tournament where high school teams from the region come and face off against each other in a two-day tournament. Locations and timing are TBD, and might change with weather, etc. The other tournament we play in, is the Playoffs, which are an end of season tournament, which wrap up the season's standings on the WAFC website. Tournament participation is not guaranteed. Our team might play in more, or less tournaments depending on the players wanting to participate, overall player count, distance to the tournament area, and if the coaches are able to attend.